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Brian Pappas

Voice Actor | Digital Marketer

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About Me

Ever since I was cast in my first theater role where I had a grand total of one line, acting has been my passion. After spending over a decade acting in various shows, I discovered an avenue I hadn't considered before: voice acting.

I started my voice acting journey studying at the school Voices Carey, under the tutelage of Bruce Carey. It was important to me to not only fill my love of character acting, but to become the most well-rounded voice actor possible. After training at Bruce's school for over a year, I was granted the privilege of becoming a teacher at the same school I learned to master the craft of voice over. 


In addition to voice acting, I am also a digital account manager, and run digital media for prominent clients like Smoothie King, Gold's Gym, Half Price Books and BOK Financial.


If you're looking for a professional voice actor to breathe life into your radio spot, someone to voice your over-the-top video game villain, or need a somber tone to bring a grounded performance to a PSA, I'm your guy.

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My Experience

I'm extremely proud of what I've accomplished in my career to this point. The sections below provide a brief synopsis of my diverse experiences within the voice acting industry. While I am happy with what I've done so far, I'm someone who is never satisfied.  I am always looking for new opportunities to challenge myself and continue improving as a voice actor.

Recording Studio
Vintage Mic
Tube Microphone in Studio
A voice acting recording studio with a focus on the microphone

Partnered with The Campbell Agency

The Campbell Agency is the premiere talent agency in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for voice acting. Opportunities include local Super Bowl commercials, prominent television ads, most major radio ads, video game character auditions, and more.

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Instructor at Voices Carey

Voices Carey is where I started to learn voice acting. Owned and operated by Bruce Carey, Bruce has crafted a program that has created many successful careers. My voice acting career came full circle when I became an instructor at Voices Carey in November 2019. I teach both group and private classes to students all over the country via Zoom and Skype, at the most competitive rates around.

Tube microphone in a voice acting studio

Experience in all genres of voice acting

I've worked on just about every facet of voice acting, from commercial, to audiobooks, to video games. I was apart of a large-scale project to record audio for Japanese textbooks to teach Japanese students to learn English. I've recorded numerous audio recordings for business videos and presentations. I've recorded a radio ad for the Institute for Veterans and Military Families. And while I've performed many recordings in professional studios across DFW, I have provided several recordings from my own, personal studio. Regardless of where you're located, I can provide you with a high quality audio performance.

Vintage microphone with a pop filter used for voice acting

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-Owen Wilson

Brian Pappas teaching a group voice acting class at Voices Carey